The Joy of Teaching English: A Story from Ibu Inez


Well, that enthusiastic reply wasn’t exactly the answer I was expecting. I thought it would be: “English class!!”
It was my fifth meeting with TK A Sekolah Kembang and some kids were scattered in some areas in the classroom when I was about to start. I thought I need to get their attention first by asking that question, but ended up with their favorite song to sing.

So, here we go again:
Down in the jungle where nobody goes, there’s a great big ……..”
“Elephant! T-Rex! Crocodile! Gorilla! No, no, I want monkey…”

This is what I call the joy of teaching. A moment when you realized that at least some parts of your teaching lingers on in your student’s head and heart. Enthusiasm is always a good way to start a class and teaching English. TK A and TK B Sekolah Kembang has never failed to provide a good dose of enthusiasm that will last the whole day through for me.

Some of our students have grown so much in so little time, from being shy and reluctant to join in to being enthusiastic and cooperative learners. Some other students, who have already equipped with English language skills from home, have also play an important role to build positive learning environment.

TK B students, who are in general more advanced in expressing themselves in English than their younger friends in TK A, have always come with their great ideas.

An upside-down ninja picture in a draw-yourself task is one of my favorite works, not to mention the different version of angels in task where they had to draw things that start with letter A.

We draw, sing, dance and play games in learning English in TK Kembang. We learn to express ourselves in a different language where every small progress, such as imitating animals’ sounds, singing nursery rhymes and understanding simple instructions in English, is always an achievement to celebrate.

So, let’s have some more fun, my little lions:
With a scrub-a-dub here and scrub-a-dub there..and that’s the way he washes his clothes with a boom boom boom boom…”


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