Making Simple Sentences with Grade 1

WHOOSH!” (Pressing a button gesture)

If your child keeps doing that action at home, don’t worry. Nothing is wrong with them. It is the sign of full stop that we learned at school. And they LOVE doing it!

This term, we learned about making simple sentences (statements and questions) in Grade 1. It was a bit tricky since they are still learning to write and read. And they are not familiar to full stop and question mark to make a complete sentence, as well. So, we tried several ways to learn it.

For the “personal pronouns + to be + adjective” sentences we learned by playing games. The first game is drawing the line to connect words in order to make a sentence (statements and questions). On the board, I write all the “personal pronouns” on the first column, all the” to be” verbs (am, is, are) in the middle column, and all the adjectives + full stop on the right column. They have to draw the line to connect them, for example: ”I am beautiful.” They like it, even though some, who are still beginners in reading, had difficulty at first. But with help, they are able to recognize the sound of the first letter of each word.

The second game is Touch the Cards. They have to touch the card with their feet and hands to make a statement, and then change it into question. This proved to be a fun way to learn for them. They enjoy trying to touch the four cards of their choice. The trickier it got, the more excited they were. Some tried hard to reach the cards. Some enjoyed the laughter of others as they fall down. But hey, shouldn’t learning be a fun process?

ghiffran hanun jingga ouren

For the “personal pronouns + can/can’t + action verbs” sentences we learned with movement. If they say “I can swim (full stop)”, they have to point themselves when they say “I”, then nod their head as they say “can”, then do the swimming movement as they say “swim”. And finally say “whoosh!” with pressing-a-button gesture. They found this very exciting. Some children who are still struggling with writing and reading also found this less intimidating. They only need to make funny movements to make English sentences! How easy was that? As they say often: It is “easy peasy lemon squeezy!”

Check the video below to see how they had fun with it.

So, thank you so much for an amazing term, children. See you next time with more fun in the classroom “Whoosh!” Full stop.


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