“Where Broccoli Comes From”: Fun Poetry Lesson

At the beginning of this term, Grade 4 had some fun with Michael Rosen’s poem “Where Broccoli Comes From”. It was so funny and interesting. Here is the poem:

“Where Broccoli Comes From”

By Michael Rosen


Not many people know

that broccoli grows in the armpits

of very big green men

who live in the forest

and brave broccoli cutters

go deep into the forests

and they creep up on the

very big green men.

They wait for the

very big green men

to fall asleep

and the broccoli cutters

get out their

great big broccoli razors

and they shave the armpits

of the very big green men.

And that’s where broccoli

comes from.

Not many people know that.

Just thought I’d let you know.

(Illustration taken from Michael Rosen book, Yuliya Somina)

As soon as 4th grader finished reading it, they went “Yuck!” “Eww..” with disgusted face. Some even asked “Is this real?”

Then the discussion went lively.

I, of course, asked back, “Well what do you think? Do you think it’s real?”

Most of the students answered “Nooo…”

But when I asked about the intentions of the Michael Rosen when he wrote this poem, the answer varied.

Some students agreed that it was because Rosen hates broccoli so much. But then, a student came out with this opinion “Or maybe, because he likes it so much, he made up the story to get all the broccolis for himself”

Others then replied “Oh yeah, that’s possible”

I never actually thought that they can get to that point of interpretation. There is no wrong and right in interpreting poems, but it is great to see that they can explore more than one point of view in enjoying a poem.

The next thing that we do was making our own version of the poem and draw the picture. First, we need to decide 5 words to use in our poem. Those 5 words are:

(1) (a vegetable)   ______________

(2) (a body part)    ______________

(3) (a color)                   ______________

(4) (a place)          ______________

(5) (a verb)          ______________

After that we put those words in the blanks of the poem template.

The 4th grade students came out with interesting ideas and pictures. Enjoy their works!

Davin's "Where Potato Comes From"

Davin’s “Where Potato Comes From”


Zola’s “Where Onion Comes From”


Emir’s “Where Mushroom Comes From”


Keira’s “Where Mushroom Comes From”


Keizy’s “Where Tomato Comes From”


Nabila’s “Where Tomato Comes From”


Nitya’s “Where Mushroom Comes From”


Qeta’s “Where Corn Comes From”


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