Learning Adverbs Happily and Excitingly

Grade 4 just learned about adverbs.

What is an adverb? Through class discussion, we have concluded that an adverb is a word that describes a verb. Yes, an adverb explains how a verb/an action is done. We learned that to make adverb, we need to add “ly” after an adjective. For example: happy –> happily, sad –> sadly

But, we also learned that some adjectives don’t change form to become adverbs, such as fast, hard, wide.  Another adjective, which is “good” change into “well”. Those verbs are exceptions. We learned about the place of an adverb in a sentence, as well. We know that an adverb can go after a verb if the verb is intransitive and an adverb can go after a direct object if the verb is transitive.

After everyone seemed to grasp the idea of what adverbs are, we played a guessing game. I had two clear cups with verbs in one cup and adverbs in the other. The task was to get a verb and an adverb and act out the phrase you get. You can’t say any word or make any noise. You can only make some movements to explain the phrase. Your friends in the same group can guess what the phrase is in 1 minute time. If they can’t guess it, I would give other groups a chance to guess once. The group that can answer correctly would get 1 point.

The game turned out to be hilarious since a piece of paper that they took from each cup can form interesting phrases. G4 students love it! They had fun guessing their friend’s movement and expression.

A student got “sing hard”. She made a movement of a rock star singing, holding a mic, banging her head up and down, open her mouth wide and frowning. Her group member cheered, thinking this must be an easy one. But no. It was one of the hardest. They went with “sing crazily, sing excitedly, sing oddly, sing angrily” and so many more. But nobody got it, even after the other groups had a chance to try.

Another student got “dance fast” and (after he made very amusing movements and every single person in the class finally caught their breath back from laughing crazily) everyone in his group started to throw random guess “dance crazily! dance weirdly! dance oddly, dance happily, dance strangely!” When no answer seemed correct, they asked for some more hints “do the dance again! do the dance again!”. Too bad he refused to do his signature “dance fast” 😀

After we did the games several times (they refused to stop!), we made a story in 50 words using 5 adjectives. And that’s pretty much how we learned adverbs, happily and excitingly 😀


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