Writing Outlandish Tale: Turning Minnows Into Whales

Grade 4 had finished a book by Dr. Seuss several weeks ago. The title of the book is “And To Think That I Saw It On Mulberry Street”. The story is very interesting.

It started with a boy who was being told by his father to pay attention and to watch over things that happens on Mulberry Street that he took everyday to and from school. His father warned him not to exaggerate his story and things he saw on the street. He said to him to “stop telling outlandish tale, stop turning minnows into whales”. But, that day the only thing he was that day was a man and an old wagon. How can he tell such simple story to his father? So, he started to create amazing story and change, even add bizarre and extraordinary details in it.

The horse that pulls the wagon changed by a zebra. And then he change the wagon itself with other extravagant vehicle, such as sled and later a chariot to make the story worth to hear. He keeps adding weird and unusual things until the story becomes unimaginably grand and peculiar. But, in the end of the story, when he gets home and his father asks about what he sees, he knows he has to tell the truth and he finally said that he saw “a man and an old wagon”.

Grade 4 students really enjoyed the story. They tried to understand the meaning of some difficult words through context and pictures on the book. And as everyone knows, Dr. Seuss’ works always plays around and contains lots of rhyming words. So they tried to find the rhyming words in the story, and add more word to each rhyming group. They also recognize the story pattern as they read it. So ,their assignment is to make their own story with the same pattern and using rhyming words.

The result was amazing. Most of the students can apply the pattern and the rhyming words into their story. Only few of them had trouble making sure that an event had to be extravagant than the previous one, as the story grows. I can also tell a lot about a student through their writing. For example, everyone realize that Zola consistently put the word ‘toilet’ in every story he makes. Apparently, he consider ‘toilet’ very helpful for him. Another student, Gio, is so into cars and their modifications. So, he equipped the regular car in the beginning of his story into the one with turbo jet, and later wings. Another student, Kamahele, who is into stories and legends, changed his blue bajaj at the beginning of the story into a limousine and later party truck with a big disco ball which has a LochNess monster as pet. Here are some outlandish stories from Grade 4 students. Enjoy!

Here is Zola’s work.


Here is Kamahele’s work:



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